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The Make Data Count Summit was held on 12-13 September 2023 in Washington, DC

Live, in-person only event.

Speakers: Giorgio Ascoli Michele Avissar-Whiting Jeffrey Blume Rebecca Bryant Matthew Buys Ishwar Chandramouliswaran John Chodacki Scott Edmunds Stefanie Haustein Hannah Hope Varsha Khodiyar Julia Lane Daniella Lowenberg Bernard Mair Damian Pattinson Jean-Baptiste Poline Nancy Potok Iratxe Puebla Nicolas Robinson-Garcia Matthew Soldner Carly Strasser Lauren Supplee Mike Thelwall Thed van Leeuwen Jamie Wittenberg Maryam Zaringhalam

How does open data accelerate scientific discovery? What is the impact of investing in open data?

Research and policy-making communities have been exploring these questions for years and it’s time to come up with the answers. To do this, we need to understand what it means to implement responsible and evidence-based data usage metrics.

Make Data Count (MDC) is convening the first-ever summit dedicated to the topic of data impact, data usage, and data metrics. This two-day summit will bring together representatives of the research community, government data administrators, funders, policymakers, publishers and infrastructure providers to discuss and solve the diverse and complex challenges of implementing open data assessment metrics and the infrastructures that support them.

Together, we can develop shared priorities to assess and further develop open data metrics infrastructure. With this foundation, we can advance research and policies that support these investments to truly make data count.