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Join us for the Make Data Count Summit on September 5-6, 2024 in London, UK

Live, in-person only event.

Speakers: Laetitia Bracco Caitlin Carter Mercè Crosas Jose Benito Gonzalez Lopez Stefanie Haustein Alice Howarth Johanna McEntyre Dagmar Meyer Cameron Neylon Eric Perreault Iratxe Puebla Ludo Waltman

How does open data accelerate scientific discovery? What is the impact of investing in open data?

The focus on responsible assessment of the reach of open data continues to gain momentum. There is a shared recognition across the research and policy ecosystem that we need a more complete picture of how data is used in research activities and in policy development.

Organized by Make Data Count, the Summit will convene researchers, institutional representatives, data administrators, funders, policymakers, publishers and infrastructure providers to explore how data metrics can inform responsible assessment of open data usage. Over two days, we will foster a common understanding of existing data metrics and the infrastructure and practices that support them, learn about the latest developments in the collection and applications of data usage information, and discuss necessary next steps in infrastructure, policy and evaluation processes to forward adoption of evidence-based data usage metrics.