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Make Data Count Summit
September 5-6, 2024
London, UK

Laetitia Bracco

Head of the Research Data Support Service and the Bibliometrics Unit of the University of Lorraine Libraries and Project manager for the French Open Science Monitor, Data and Codes

Caitlin Carter

Program Manager, HELIOS Open

Mercè Crosas

Head of Computational Social Sciences, Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Jose Benito Gonzalez Lopez

Head of Institutional Repositories, CERN

Stefanie Haustein

Stefanie Haustein

Associate Professor, University of Ottawa

Alice Howarth

Open Research Project Officer, UK Reproducibility Network

Johanna McEntyre

Deputy Director, EMBL-EBI / Director, EMBL Office for Scientific Information Management

Dagmar Meyer

Policy Adviser, European Research Council Executive Agency

Cameron Neylon

Professor of Research Communication at the Centre for Culture and Technology at Curtin University and is co-lead of the Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative

Eric Perreault

Vice President for Research, Northwestern University

Iratxe Puebla

Director of Make Data Count at DataCite

Ludo Waltman

Professor of Quantitative Science Studies and scientific director, Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), Leiden University